Joan of Angels


Joan of Angels (AKA Dr Joan Hangarter) has had the gift of clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance since early child and has worked with thousands throughout the world with her gifts of healing and channeled inspirational messages.

The Masters of Miracles”, are being channeled through Joan of Angels to infuse her life with art and physical healing on an etheric and physical plane. Through working with these beings and embarking on her spiritual path, Joan acts as a personal guide and oracle to assist others in hearing the guidance and healing. Joan now participates in regional conferences and shares her messages with the world through online LIVE experiences with her following of thousands of international miracle makers in training.

Joan’s newly released 44 card Oracle Deck entitled “Miracle Messages” featuring the original 33 Angels, “The Masters of Miracles”, and more Earth Messenger Beings released on January 2nd 2018.


Joan of Angels collections can be found at

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